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Dermot Kennedy - Shelter

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Dermot Kennedy - Shelter
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  • Release date: 23.11.2022
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Dermot Kennedy - Shelter
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Lyrics: Dermot Kennedy - Shelter (Text)

So step inside
'Cause that night is cold, it don't deserve such a smile
And it's not enough
For it to show up every once in a while

In the moonlight, I should
Kiss you at Samhain, throw it all down
Wouldn't that be cool?
To kill the guard, open the gates, for feelings unbound

But I've been keeping hope
And I've got a fairy tale in my heart, I can cope
But I've been keeping hope
I bet they had you in mind when naming the rose

Only know 'bout how I won't be here later
And don't forget, 'bout how she had you feeling major
And he tried to write down how he felt 'bout the girl
Kept running out of paper, he'll wait for her

He was feeling fucking awesome
Be a good man like you taught him
Don't get caught up in caution when love exists

So step inside
'Cause that night is cold, it don't deserve such a smile
We'll be alright
I could never lie about caring a lot
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